Companies at Dutch Tech Campus

For many years the site was occupied exclusively by Siemens. Nowadays the campus is home to a range of highly successful and renowned companies in the area of e-health & care, ICT and mobility. The addition of these new companies and the creation of an inspiring working environment with shared facilities and mutual synergy effects has made the campus an exciting place for businesses to share knowledge and collaborate. Strong cooperation between the businesses and educational institutions at Dutch Tech Campus creates links between invention and application.

Dutch Tech Campus

Triple Helix

The strength of the Triple Helix lies in the cooperation between the Municipality of Zoetermeer, education and the business community, which all work together on the ICT innovations of tomorrow.


During the coming years, Dutch Innovation Park, of which Dutch Tech Campus is a part, will be developed to become a dynamic and inspirational environment combining homes, work and education. Together with DTC and the educational institutions, the Triple Helix is developing a common vision and leading its creation with the aim of pooling resources, boosting innovation and raising the profile and reputation of the area.

Dutch Tech Campus

Dutch Innovation Park

Dutch Tech Campus is located in the Dutch Innovation Park, the perfect location in the Randstad for applied innovations in the area of cyber security, big data, smart mobility and e-health & care. IT companies and more than 800 IT students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and MBO Rijnland come together here to share knowledge and collaborate. Dutch Innovation Park brings people together and creates opportunities!


Alongside Dutch Tech Campus, Dutch Innovation Factory is also part of the Park.

Dutch Tech Campus
Dutch Tech Campus

Dutch Innovation Factory

Dutch Innovation Factory is the innovation hotbed of Zoetermeer and its surroundings, housed in a former margarine factory. Three ICT training courses (Information Security Management, Software Engineering, Business & Data Management and Innovative Development) of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, third-year ICT students of MBO Rijnland, Innovation Labs and several start-ups are brought together here under one roof, all contributing to collaboration between education, the public sector and entrepreneurs. The modern building fizzes with the energy of more than 300 ICT professionals and 800 students working and studying together.


At present there is an Artificial Intelligence lab, a SME Digitization workplace, an IoT lab, a Software workplace and two Innovation spaces.