Growth ambitions

To achieve Dutch Tech Campus’s growth ambitions, investment will focus on the buildings, the redesign of the inner courtyard and the development of new, high-quality commercial space. These structural development plans will take place in several phases:

Phases of the development process

Phase A: A sustainable future for existing buildings and their surroundings

  1. For Siemens Mobility and Yunex Traffic, approx. 6,000 m² of office space has been renovated and sustainability improvements made to achieve energy label A+. The systems technology has been almost entirely renewed with Siemens components and the building has been equipped with heat pumps and solar panels.
    Completed in September 2021.
  2. On behalf of TKH Security B.V, a total of 5,484 m² LFA is to be renovated and made sustainable with energy label A+. The work will include the construction of a new main entrance, connecting atria and a sedum roof. The building will be renovated in two phases; the commercial space will be renovated first, followed by the office space. Delivery of the commercial space will be no later than 31 October 2023 and TKH Security will move into its new offices no later than 31 March 2024. This means that the last vacant building is fully let.
  3. Redesign of the inner courtyard to create a connecting green courtyard garden.
    Completed in December 2022.
  4. Further renovation of the existing buildings to follow.

Phase B: New development for Topcon

A bespoke and exceptionally sustainable, gas-free building of approx. 4,900 m² has been developed for Topcon Europe Positioning. Completed in November 2021. This development has enabled Topcon to bring its business operations to a higher level and to run its business processes much more efficiently. In addition, the new development takes account of Topcon’s growth and makes space available for the future.
Completed in November 2021.

Phase C: New development for Lamboo Medical & Siemens

For Lamboo Medical (approximately 15,500 m²) and Siemens (approximately 5,500 m²), a total of approximately 21,000 m² of new construction has been added to the Dutch Tech Campus.
Completed in December 2022.

Dutch Tech Campus is undergoing exponential growth with this development process, from 42,412 m² to approx. 70,000 m² of commercial space across 11 buildings.

From Siemens site to Dutch Tech Campus

In 2015 PingProperties began the process of repositioning the former Siemens site as a lively campus. The name, brand and signing of Dutch Tech Campus were launched, the facilities at the site were expanded with a central reception facility, meeting rooms, a brasserie with bar, improved green areas, extra parking facilities etc. Tenants that suit the DTC concept have moved into the campus, joined by more than 800 ICT students.


Dutch Tech Campus has now developed into a high-quality, sustainable and mature campus. By creating an inspiring work environment with shared facilities and mutual synergy effects, the campus has become an attractive community for national and international IT enterprises in e-health & care, ICT and mobility. It is the home base for renowned technology companies such as Siemens, Yunex Traffic, Topcon Europe Positioning, Reconext, Lamboo Medical, Atos Medical, CAE and WS Audiology.

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